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We live a stressful life. We always try to achieve more through multitasking and to work better and more effectively, so that we often don’t even actively enjoy the here and now.

We do things automatically and we don’t consciously enjoy the present moment.

Try to remember what you’ve been up to in the past two hours. I am sure you cannot remember everything.

1. Are you out of breath?

If one thing in life seems natural to us, it is breathing. We don’t think about it, it just happens.

It is only when we are out of breath that…

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Our reason is a little miracle.

It can lead us into secret worlds, reveal secrets that we didn’t even know existed, expand our horizons, but also put us in chains of negative thoughts and feelings such as sadness, depression , apathy, etc.

It is said your thoughts determine your life. How much truth is there?

It is human nature not to be happy all the time. As a matter of fact.

We are not robots that can be programmed to an eternal state of happiness and contentment at the touch of a button, but happiness, positivity and good thoughts are…

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When we feel guilty, it can lead to sleepless nights.

For hours we toss around in bed, keep playing the film in our heads, and the guilty feeling doesn’t let us shut our eyes.

Feeling guilty has different effects on the mental health of those who suffer from it.

If you are a very good person, you will have to struggle with a guilty conscience more often.

But must it be always, give a specific reason that we are self-reproach make and suffer from guilt?

All of these remorse have different reasons, which differ from person to person.

Sometimes we…

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When you hear or read the word Libra, two associations come to mind — the zodiac sign Libra and the evil Libra, which always shows us a few pounds more than we actually have on our ribs.

There are many people who are actively involved in the horoscope and scour Google so that they can find out as much as possible about Libra behavior so that they can determine whether the zodiac sign Libra is a better match for Taurus, Aries or Gemini.

Some seek their inspiration in various wisdom, wisdom and sayings that point to the zodiac sign Libra.

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Every relationship has its distinct phases . That beginning of falling in love, when we seem to lose the ground beneath our feet as our happiness barometer screws upwards.

Dating, flirting, first date, first kiss , little physical contact — everything is so exciting and interesting.

You float on cloud nine, completely detached from reality and real life, because finally someone special is by our side.

However, when the butterflies fly away and the rose-tinted glasses fall off, it is time to look at things a little better.

Especially after a long time, when everyday life and obligations dominate the…

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1. She knows her strengths

If there’s one thing she has learned in her life, that is how to be strong.

After all these bad things that destroyed her, she learned (the hard way) how to deal with the problems in life.

For a woman like that, motivating yourself after a bad day is no problem.

Now she knows that she is capable of doing so much more than she thought.

And when life gives her lemons, she’ll just make lemonade out of them!

2. She won’t open up to you right away

There is a saying, “A burned child…

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The biggest problem with a toxic relationship is that you may not necessarily be aware that you are in one.

You get used to being treated badly because it becomes part of your life, step by step.

There can be happy moments (when the person who treats you badly is in the “mood” for them), which causes you to forget about the bad moments that happened and that will happen.

Toxic relationships are addicting. You cannot end this relationship because you have some kind of security.

You have someone supposed to take care of you — someone who should take…

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When your ex-boyfriend crosses your mind, which has happened too often lately, it makes you feel nostalgic.

You miss him and you are sure that he is who you want to be with, despite what happened between the two of you.

Well, it’s time to start doubting your own feelings when it comes to this guy.

There is a huge possibility that you just think that you miss him and that you have just convinced yourself that you still have feelings for him.

There is a huge possibility that you don’t really want your ex in your life, and here…

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Is he writing to you because he is seriously interested in you? Or is he just texting you because he’s bored or lonely?

If a guy really cares about you and your life, you will notice. He will never keep you waiting for his answer, he will make an effort to make the conversation as interesting as possible, and so on.

But if you sense that there is something wrong with him and he suddenly starts ignoring your messages, making up excuses or the like, he may just be texting you out of boredom or because he is lonely.


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As much as we’d like to ignore it, domestic violence is real and happens every day.

We could be victims without knowing it or maybe ignoring it because not everyone is strong enough to walk away from their abuser.

It is the person we fell in love with, the person we dedicated our lives and time to, and it is simply impossible to deal with the fact that they are the ones who abuse us.

How could they? We were in love once. We still love each other.

Domestic violence comes in different ways, but some warning signs are always…


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